10 Reason Why You Should Journal

At MyLife, we love journaling and our app clearly reflects that. Traditional journaling was all about writing on paper with a pen and creating stacks and stacks of notebooks. While it has evolved to a more creative way of calligraphy, bullet journals, minimal journaling and more, we have taken it a step further with an app! But go ahead and start in any way you like but do start soon!

Thinking about our emotions, thought and goals a little bit more deeply through writing them down can have so many benefits such as:

#1 Journaling organizes your thinking

Vague thinking leads to vague production while clarity breeds mastery. Write about your day, your ambitions, your vision for the future or what you learned from the conference you just went to. Writing brings a lot of clarity which can help you make better decisions in your personal and professional life.

#2 Fosters Hope

You might be going through a really painful time. When you write about what you want to happen, it becomes almost like a pre-performance template. You will start training your brain to aspire to something better, bigger and happier. For those going through anxiety, depression or any kind of mental trauma, journaling can help you log, track and explore that trauma in a safe space.

#3 Journalling allows you to repeat and relive your favourite experiences

Your life is special and by writing about the good things in your life whether it is the sunsets, the amazing burger, your pets, the wonderful book you just read, you will have a way to relive those feelings. 

#4 Imprint deliberate gratitude

Gratitude is similar to a muscle. The more you go to the happiness gym, the stronger your muscles of gratitude will become. The happiest people are those who deliberately make time to be grateful. Happy people have big dreams, they get more done, are creative and so on! Who wouldn’t want to be happier?

Why You Should Journal

#5 Journaling helps you process and release low energy & emotions

If you do not feel, release and process the disappointments and pain that comes in life sometimes, you will repress those feelings. This will make you a bitter person and change your outlook for years to come.

#6 Learning Sustainably

By writing what you’ve learned, you will accelerate the learning and stickiness of that learning. This is one of the reasons why classes have tests or examinations as writing the answers down will help you remember those lessons for years to come.

#7 Record your life

It does not matter if you’re a billionaire, a labourer, a student with loans or a scientist, you were built for remarkability. Your life is colorful and it’s meant to be beautiful. Sure, there are hard times but they are meant to serve you to build your character. Journaling will serve as a memory keeper by taking your life story and turn it into physical chapters that you can read again.

#8 Journaling can help you figure out who you are

Your thoughts are cloudy, ephemeral things and by putting it into words you can learn the things that are unique about yourself. With every experience, you can grow, change and learn and writing it down can show you your progress. You can discover what you love, any kind of patterns that keep coming up and becomes a nice way to get to know your gut feeling.

#9 Improve your writing ability

In this day and age when information is made available so easily, we need to be able to synthesize information and put it out in a way that is understandable. By writing, we don’t mean that you have to write in a very formal way. Any kind of habitual writing will improve your communication skills.

#10 Form of Self-Care

This is a form of self-care where you do not need to spend a lot of money. If it’s a private journal, there is no one to read it and judge you. So it can become your safe space. A lot of us are looking for ways to love ourselves and journaling can be a good way to do so.

Keep a record of your life as it is your autobiography. We hope that when you get to the end of your life, you can look back at all the memories, life lessons, relationships and moments and be happy at the imprint you’ll leave. If you’d like to try a simpler way to journal on your phone, do check our android app or iOS app.


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