document your baby's first year

How To Creatively Record Your Baby’s First Year

While there will be a lot of sleepless nights which may seem never-ending, in hindsight you will see that your baby’s first-year flew by! In this special period, you will find your baby to grow super quickly and do incredibly adorable things. Soon your little munchkin will be walking and chattering away and you’ll be grateful that you captured the first year of their life.

From DIY,  photos, apps to artwork, there are many ways to creatively document your baby’s first year. Here are some creative ways for every skill level to record your baby’s first year on planet earth:

#1 A traditional Baby photo book

A traditional way to record your tiny tot’s first year of life,  a baby photo book can be filled in any way you like. You can make a true-blue photo book with each ‘chapter’ reflecting a month of your baby’s life.  Or you can illustrate cute things, write poems or wishes for your baby along with photos. 

#2 My first-year infographic

Infographics are a cool way to record the highlights of your baby’s first year. In addition to adding pictures to it, you can also put down notable firsts like rolling over, crawling, standing and more.  

Source: Etsy

#3 1-Second Videos

 There’s no reason you can’t be artsy when you’re a parent. Take a video for one minute every day for a year.  There are many apps that can remove the editing out of the video-creation process making it super simple. You can play the entire video for your family on your baby’s first birthday and we’re sure the room will have a lot of moist eyes.

#4 Memory Box

For those parents who are not into the photography or artsy scene, a memory box is a simple idea for parents that can be equally sentimental. Designate a box and place items that mean something to your parenting experience. They can be things like your hospital bracelet, your baby’s first pacifier, or your newborn’s onesie.

#5 Write Letters

If you are a wizard with words, writing beautiful wishes for your little one will be super enjoyable. And there is something really magical about reading the words you wrote to your little one when they were still so tiny. Take some time out every month for yourself and bring out the thinking cap.   

#5 Baby Clothes Quilt

As you may know, babies grow out of their clothes quickly. You may not want to throw your baby’s favourite onesie and the good news is- you can repurpose it! Collect your baby’s old clothes and make a quilt out of them. It’s also a great way to preserve baby clothes in a way that you can remember them and still use them for years to come. 

Source: Home Talk

#6 Baby Feet And Hand Casting

A relatively new phenomenon, clay casting involves preserving your baby’s tiny footprint or handprint on clay. This process does not involve any chemicals and toxins and is safe on your baby’s skin. This treasured keepsake will immortalize your baby’s feet, creases, and fine lines.

#7 Apps

For all the parents at ease with technology, apps are a great way to record your baby’s memories in a jiffy. The MyLife app can help you relive your memories any time by keeping it all secure in your pocket.

You can add photos, video of your baby and tag family and friends to view them. When you’re done, watch your ‘tree’ blossom as your event is added to your timeline. You can categorize life events so that finding them later will be a breeze.

How To Creatively Record Your Baby's First Year
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How To Creatively Record Your Baby's First Year
Time flies when you have a baby! This blog post can give you ideas like DIY quilts, art work and apps to creatively document your baby's first year.
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