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20 of Life’s Milestones That You Should Celebrate

MyLife is all about special experiences in life! Society has created conventional ‘markers’ of prosperity and success such as graduation, getting married and having kids. While these things are beautiful and give a lot of meaning to life, we believe that there are many more experiences in life that should be celebrated.

Let’s take a look at some of these important milestones in life, and the rich life lessons they have to teach us:

#1  Doing something that you’ve been afraid of doing- it can be as simple as petting a dog or if you’re feeling brace, trying skydiving.



#2 Completing your education whether it is through a bachelors degree, Masters or even a course online! Knowing more about the world will give you more confidence in life and also give you a better career.

#3 Moving out of your home whether it’s for college, work or just because you want to be independent. While tasks, like signing a lease, figuring out when to pay bills, recycling, and managing roommates, can be difficult, these things are an important growing-up ritual. 

#4 Falling in love. It’s an incredible feeling to find that special someone to share your life with.

#5 Going on a solo vacation. You can have solo adventures on your own, learn to be comfortable in your own company and experience the thrill of independence.

#6 Getting the job of your dreams. When you discover what you’re really passionate about and get paid for it, work won’t feel like a drag! 

#7 Starting a wellness or fitness journey to lose weight or get in shape whether it’s through running, gymming, 

#8 Taking your mental and physical health more seriously. When you start making appointments for check-ups, with no insistence from your parents, you know you’ve become an adult!

#9 Going on your first vacation with a significant other – paid for by you two and you two alone.

#10 Forming your own opinions on politics. Getting to vote for the first time and being concerned with issues that your country faces.

#11 Owning furniture of your own choice that isn’t a giveaway from your parents.

#12 Hosting an adult dinner party. You may have attended many yourself and never realised the amount of work that goes into planning a great party!

#13 Celebrating anniversaries. When something lasts for a while, it deserves to be cherished.

#14 A little appreciation never hurt anyone and when you get accolades in life, it’s a great feeling. 

#15 You may not like it but facing disappointment is an important milestone in life. This will teach you great life lessons and make you stronger and more resilient. It’s only when you experience the lows that you will appreciate the highs more! 

#16 Starting to save money whether its for retirement, a vacation, home or just for your financial security.

save money


#17 Travelling to a city you’ve always wanted to explore, and paying for everything on your own dime.

#18 Becoming a parent is a big one and you get to impart your values, create traditions and fall in love every day.

#19 Buying a home is a responsibility but it comes with a sense of satisfaction too. 

#20 Splurging on yourself alone once in a while. Some of us may find soft blankets to be a form of self-care while some may prefer a bottle of wine, a spa day, expensive clothing etc. Treat yourself every now and then!

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